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Should All Meniscal Injuries Undergo Operative Treatment ?

A patient presents to the office because of pain in the knee with or without a history of injury. An examination is performed followed by an X-Ray. Osteoarthritis may or may not be seen on the X-ray. If there is an altered range of knee motion when compared to the...

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Hamstring, calf, elbow and shoulder injury-Tis the season

Opening day of the baseball season is today, Thursday, March 28. I noted this morning on the sports pages how many players will not be available for the start of the race owing to injuries sustained in Spring training. In the basketball coverage, from the get go of...

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“There is no such thing as a free lunch”

I will let the scientific facts speak for themselves. Keep this in mind the next time you see the advertisement from the Stem Cell hustlers of America. There is no such thing as a free lunch. From: The American Journal of Sports Medicine Are Amniotic Fluid Products...

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“Why bother with the truth when you can make it all up” David Baldacci “As practicing physicians, scientists, and regulatory experts we have increasingly observed aggressive advertising and sales tactics being used by alternative health clinics (chiropractors,...

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Joint Rejuvenation and Restoration

Following injury or wear, limitations need not be limited to professional, college and high school athletes Last week, my column focused on the post traumatic ravages of the National Football League season; and getting ready for next cycle of body demolition. Those...

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Fake news and illegal advertising of stem cell therapies

Why Should This  Blog Matter To You? Stem cell treatments are NOT FDA cleared in the United States FDA is scrutinizing physicians and centers that are marketing stem cells Beware of centers that are offering to: Relieve pain “Regeneration” of tissues  Avoid surgery...

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Regenerative Medicine in 2019

Nonobstructive meniscal tears There is increasing evidence to suggest that patients with meniscal tears at the knee that do not cause “clunking”, giving way, or locking; hence nonobstructive, may benefit from Cellular Orthopedic intervention coupled with physical...

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