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What are Growth Factors?

In general, a Growth Factor is a term used to describe a protein produced be a variety of different cell types that binds to specific receptors on different cellular surfaces. They may on the one hand stimulate cell growth; on the other hand, some growth factors may...

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How long might a regenerative medicine intervention work

Until 2002, the patient seeking a joint replacement consultation would ask me “how long will new joint last”? Then came the era of minimally invasive surgery -I played a major role in the introduction-and now the question became “how long is the incision?” and “how...

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Seems strange that I would start thinking about the upcoming winter season but conditioning is sports specific and it will take about eight weeks to get ready. This past weekend, I increased my conditioning program with more cycling and strength training. It is now...

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Resolving a regenerative medicine dilemma

I rode my bike this past Saturday and Sunday through the Chicago Forest Preserve bike trails and I had some time to reflect. Just as in fly fishing, cycling is meditation time. I tried to answer questions that came to mind such as how could Abraham have fathered both...

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Effective use of blood and bone marrow derived biologics

Evidence for the efficacy of Platelet Rich Plasma, a blood-derived formulation, and bone marrow derived biologics in osteoarthritis continues to grow in the orthopedic community. On the other hand, as I continually monitor the current landscape of indiscriminate and...

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What to expect from a cellular orthopedic intervention

It is my belief and practice that each patient has full understanding of his or her orthopedic condition, its implications, the various options for treatment, and the expected outcome of each treatment. As a basic principle of bioethics, respect for autonomy...

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Osteoarthritis of the hip

Hip osteoarthritis (OA) exerts a significant burden on society, affecting 3% of Americans aged >30 years. Recent advances in the understanding of the pathoanatomy and pathomechanics of the hip have led to treatment options for young adults with hip pain....

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