Special Announcement - Now Screening for FDA Approved Stem Cell Study
Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop has completed training and is credentialed for an FDA-approved stem cell clinical trial for knee arthritis. Our clinic is now screening patients for this trial. Contact us at 312-475-1893 for details. Click here to learn more.


British Hip Society recommends against use of stemmed, large diameter, metal-on-metal implants in primary total hip replacements.

Based on discussions held at its annual meeting, the British Hip Society (BHS) has issued a statement on the use of large diameter metal-on-metal bearing total hip replacements. BHS advises that stemmed, large diameter metal-on-metal primary total hip replacements using bearings of 36 mm or greater should no longer be performed until more evidence is available, except in properly conducted and ethically approved research studies. The advice does not apply to hip resurfacing. In addition, BHS endorsed guidance recently issued by the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), calling for annual monitoring for the life of the implant, as a precautionary measure.

Other News 

FDA committee to discuss reports of joint destruction associated with anti-NGF drugs.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to hold a meeting next week to discuss the anti-nerve growth factor (Anti-NGF) drug class that is currently under development, along with safety issues possibly related to the drugs. Anti-NGF drugs are being developed for the treatment of chronic painful conditions such as osteoarthritis, chronic lower back pain, cancer pain, and other conditions. An advisory committee will be asked to determine whether reports of joint destruction represent a safety signal related to the anti-NGF class of drugs, and whether the risk-benefit balance for these drugs favors their continued development as analgesics.

Sheinkop meets with Regenexx in Colorado to evaluate new office based needle arthroscopic system

While it is true that I was skiing last week in Vail, while I vacationed, I still worked on assuming a leadership position in the new world of regenerative medicine. What I as an individual am able to contribute is my background and experience in research and clinical practice of treating arthritis with joint replacement surgery. Now I am dedicating myself as an orthopedic surgeon to avoiding or postponing joint replacement. When arthritis is debilitating and the X-ray is that of bone on bone, there is still an indication for a new hip or a new knee. But patient beware, there are restrictions inherent in a new joint. My life-long biking, skiing and fly fishing buddy, has relatively severe arthritis of his left knee. Yet he still can bike faster and ski better than me-I out fish him-because he has taken my counsel and postponed, maybe avoid a knee replacement via Regenerative Medicine.

To learn if you are a candidate for regenerative medicine, feel free to call

Mitchell B. Sheinkop, M.D.

312-475-1893 or 312-475-1893

1565 N. LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60610

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