Special Announcement - Now Screening for FDA Approved Stem Cell Study
Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop has completed training and is credentialed for an FDA-approved stem cell clinical trial for knee arthritis. Our clinic is now screening patients for this trial. Contact us at 312-475-1893 for details. Click here to learn more.

“Exciting things are happening at PSC. Next month we will be submitting to the FDA our Phase 2 clinical protocol that is designed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of stem cells as a treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis, but in a much larger trial. This will be a multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of autologous, adipose-derived stem cells (ASC), versus a placebo, and moves us one step closer to a final FDA approval! We have recent blogs on our website that introduce the nature and science of stem cells and our manufacturing process of how we increase the number of your stem cells. Importantly, our future blogs will also highlight important progress in the field of Stem Cells (https://personalizedstemcells.com/blog/).

StemInsure, our cryo-banking business, has launched a pilot program allowing a person to store their stem cells for the future, even if they are not currently enrolled in a clinical study. Banking is becoming a cornerstone of health because stem cell advances and their uses are expanding exponentially, it provides a unique opportunity for those that store their cells, a promise of better control over one’s health. We have launched this program due to the enormous promise of stem cells for current and future medical applications.

As a stem cell banking customer, you will receive regular updates, inside tips about upcoming clinical trials, and an annual “Re-birthday” celebration card on the anniversary of the harvest and storage of your stem cells! This information will keep you educated about potential uses of your cells, progress with the FDA toward approval, and upcoming options for use of your cells. You will be in elite company having banked your cells to preserve your “younger self” for needs in the future. You will have a personal concierge customer service number to get answers to your questions about your cells and their possible use. By the way, all of us here at PSC,” including Dr. Sheinkop, “have collected, and stored our cells!”

Eager to Participate in the Approaching Trial | A Bright Path Ahead

When this was written in July, the next month was August at the time. Just as any other patient with the symptoms and functional limitations of osteoarthritic joints, I am waiting for The Trial enrollment process to begin following FDA approval. My knees and hips hurt. Heretofore, my own symptoms and functional limitations have been controlled with biologic injections using my circulating blood followed by proprietary processing and injection into my knees and hips. I am looking forward to a more robust resolution of symptoms and limitations by participating in the approaching trial. To learn more, visit my website at www.sheinkopmd.com. To schedule a consultation, call (312) 475-1893.

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