Special Announcement - Now Screening for FDA Approved Stem Cell Study
Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop has completed training and is credentialed for an FDA-approved stem cell clinical trial for knee arthritis. Our clinic is now screening patients for this trial. Contact us at 312-475-1893 for details. Click here to learn more.

The science and art of my biologic initiative to help a patient deal with the symptoms and limitations imposed by osteoarthritis requires the right tools for each situation. Concentrated Bone Marrow Aspirate or Platelet Rich Plasma has emerged as an important biologic tool for me because I have scientific evidence to support what I recommend.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells are undifferentiated cells that influence healing and growth of tissues making up the musculoskeletal system. MSCs are found in bone marrow.

Osteogenic Precursor Cells are derived from MSCs but basically have the potential to produce bone. Hematopoietic Stem cells are precursors to all red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and other cells influencing bone density. They are found in bone marrow

Platelets are small, colorless bodies found in blood. They contain alpha granules which play a vital role in blood clotting, inflammation and wound healing. They are found in bone marrow.

White Blood Cells (Leukocytes) provide the body with protection against foreign matter. There are several types of white blood cells and they play a role in inflammation and the immune response

I started this Blog with the sentence “The science and art of my biologic initiative.” At times, the art favors the delivery of autologous, Concentrated Growth Factors contained in your blood so as to reverse inflammation. It is inflammation that generates the pain associated with Osteoarthritis.

By centrifuging your Blood and Bone Marrow, I am able to deliver a large number of stem cells, progenitor cells, and growth factors directly to your arthritic bone and joint thus harnessing the body’s biologic potential. I use a proprietary approach having evolved from our research, when possible, introducing concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma before and after the Concentrated Bone Marrow injection or occasionally all together.

In spite of the misinformation found in the marketplace, the Amniotic Fluid Products do not provide a living source of Mesenchymal Stem Cells. They do contain various growth factors relevant to orthopaedics (platelet-derived growth factor ββ, vascular endothelial growth factor, interleukin 8, bone morphogenetic protein 2, transforming growth factor β1) and may have some value.

As I have indicated, Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Orthopedics is both an art and a science. This morning, I am working on the science as a co-author on the outcomes of the subchondroplasty manuscript. To learn more, visit my website at www.sheinkopmd.com.

You may schedule and an appointment or consultation by calling (312) 475-1893.

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