Special Announcement - Now Screening for FDA Approved Stem Cell Study
Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop has completed training and is credentialed for an FDA-approved stem cell clinical trial for knee arthritis. Our clinic is now screening patients for this trial. Contact us at 312-475-1893 for details. Click here to learn more.

Advances in the care of the aging athlete

Leading the AMA News

Study projects US Alzheimer’s cases to nearly triple by 2050. USA Today (2/7,Lloyd) reports that according to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute on Aging and the Alzheimer’s Association and published online in the Journal of Neurology, “the number of people in the USA with Alzheimer’s disease will almost triple by 2050, straining the health care system and taxing the health caregivers. Numbers are projected to rise from 5 million now to 13.8 million.”

Now for The Good News

Two new studies published in the Archives of Internal Medicine provide further evidence that regular exercise may be good for staying mentally sharp into old age. Resistance training, in which the body works against weight, may have particular benefits for the brain. These studies lend further evidence to the idea that regular exercise can help keep the mind alert and lower the risk of cognitive problems, and maybe even Alzheimer’s disease, in old age. According to researchers at Rush, it may be especially important to exercise and adopt other healthy lifestyle measures early in life as the evidence mounts that Alzheimer’s risk can be cut by exercise in midlife.

Pay now or pay for it later

You say you can’t exercise because of painful joints, “I have arthritis and I can’t exercise.” “Since my injury, I can’t work out.” Return with me now to the thrilling days of the future and yesteryear (archives) by staying tuned to www.sheinkopmd.com and www.Regenexx.com. Updates in interventions for Degenerative Arthritis, tendinopathy, chronic muscle injury, rotator cuff tears, and Avascular Necrosis are daily. An example of a most recent addition to our Cellular Orthopedic initiative is subchondral arthroplasty for Bone Marrow lesions, (BMLs) thought to be a major pain generator in arthritis. You can read about the latter in a recent Blog.

What I am introducing to the anti-aging discussion is a Non-Surgical option with a 70% or greater chance of success and little if any possible complication when all else, non-operative, has failed. “Keep going my friend”



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