Would You Like To Postpone Or Avoid Joint Replacement Surgery?

Eliminate Your Pain & Increase Your Mobility Without Surgery With Cellular Orthopedics In Chicago, IL

Elderly Seniors CoupleImagine if you could reduce or eliminate your pain and dramatically increase your mobility without the need for surgery. Dr. Sheinkop uses cellular orthopedics to help you do just that! You can return to an active lifestyle without undergoing a difficult rehabilitation period. With minimal risk, no incision or subsequent scar, and no risk of infection or rejection, cellular orthopedics provides an amazing alternative to surgical intervention. Be sure to ask Dr. Sheinkop about non-surgical treatment plans at your arthritis consultation!

Want to learn more about non-surgical treatment options? Click here to register for a free educational webinar, whereby Dr. Sheinkop explores the benefits of cellular orthopedics.

To schedule an initial consultation and learn whether you are a candidate for cellular orthopedics, click here or call 312.475.1893 today.

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Special Announcement
Dr. Sheinkop's clinic is being considered for enrollment in the first of its kind FDA approved stem cell clinical trial for knee arthritis. Click here to learn more.