Special Announcement - Now Screening for FDA Approved Stem Cell Study
Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop has completed training and is credentialed for an FDA-approved stem cell clinical trial for knee arthritis. Our clinic is now screening patients for this trial. Contact us at 312-475-1893 for details. Click here to learn more.


The above chart represents the number of total joint replacements projected to take place in the upcoming years. Now factor in a survivorship of 20 years for patients over age 70 and 15 years or less for patients at age 55 and you will begin to understand the financial burden to this country and the physical burden imposed on the patient. Next, consider the limitations inherent in a total joint replacement contrasted with the mature athletic quality of life associated with stem cell interventions for degenerative arthritis and suddenly the expense of Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Orthopedics becomes very realistic.

It was time for me to visit my internist for a general evaluation and this has led to a series of preventive follow-up assessments, which make sense for anyone of my generation.  A personal commitment to fitness and proper nutrition has paid off with big dividends so you may look forward to the continuation of this Blog without interruption.  More important is my being able to offer patients an alternative to a joint replacement for the altered quality of life associated with an arthritic knee, hip, ankle, shoulder or wrist.

Enough about me, let me update you about our outcomes. I continue to gather information about the results of stem cell interventions since the late spring of 2012.  Over 85% of patients report a high degree of satisfaction. For those who haven’t met their goals or mine for that matter, I have supplemented the initial minimally invasive procedure with a booster without expense and I will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The exciting addition to the menu of regenerative services will be platelet lysate. For platelets to release their anti-inflammatory and growth factors, they have to be activated. Up until now, that activation took place chemically with the addition of a catalyst. Regenexx research has shown that short term freezing at specific temperatures and prompt thawing mechanically releases the sought after platelet constituents quicker than previously possible with a larger and longer scope of effectiveness.  We are happy to add Platelet Lysate to our scope of practice.

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