Special Announcement - Now Screening for FDA Approved Stem Cell Study
Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop has completed training and is credentialed for an FDA-approved stem cell clinical trial for knee arthritis. Our clinic is now screening patients for this trial. Contact us at 312-475-1893 for details. Click here to learn more.
Stems Cells: Promise and Reality

Stems Cells: Promise and Reality

Saturday evening, we returned from four days of fly fishing for Bone Fish, Permit, Jacks, Tarpon and Snook in Punta Allen, Mexico, three hours south of Cancun. The adventure involves standing on the front of a boat for up to six hours a day, with an occasional break. It becomes arduous and exhausting; but exceedingly gratifying and that’s why we do it year after year. Situated in the Mexican State of Quintana Roo in the Si’an Ka’an biosphere, Punta Allen is a perfect base for the type of fishing we love while allowing us to enjoy the Pelicans, Pink Spoonbills, Frigates, mockingbirds, Flamingoes and occasional crocodile, dolphin and manatee. The beaches on the ocean side are pristine so a 5PM swim after fishing allows the knee and hip rehabilitation to continue.

In anticipation of the physical demands, I underwent an autologous concentrated Platelet, Plasma, and Growth Factor Protein knee and hip intervention two weeks prior. My blood was recovered via a standard blood draw, placed in a centrifuge after which it was processed and filtered. The resulting concentrate was then injected under ultrasound guidance into my knees and hips. While my hips were quite uncomfortable for 72 hours following the injections, by time we arrived in Mexico, I had no limitations or symptoms requiring me to alter my activities.

Let me explain why I chose the blood born option in anticipation of my needs rather than that of Bone Marrow Concentrate or participation in the Adipose Fat based Personalize Stem Cell Clinical Trial.  If I were younger, the Bone Marrow Concentrate option makes a lot of sense as we have scientific outcomes data to support said alternative. Seeing how the number of Adult Mesenchymal Stem cells in bone marrow diminish with age, my eyes are set on the PSC Trial. Science tells us that the number of stem cells in adipose tissue do not diminish with age. My particular issue is that both of my knees are affected by advanced Osteoarthritis so I have to wait for FDA approval of the bilateral Personalized Stem cell Trial. Given my excellent response to the Blood derived Platelets, Plasma and Growth Factor Proteins following the injections two years ago, I elected to take advantage of the opportunity to repeat the interventions while waiting for the FDA approval of the PSC Trial allowing both knees to receive millions of stem cells.

To learn more about your treatment options for an osteoarthritic joint, visit my website at www.sheinkopmd.com. You may call to schedule an appointment or consultation, (312) 475-1893.

For those interested, The Personalized Stem Cell trial web site is www.PersonalizedStemCells.Com.

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FDA Compliant Therapies

For those who may have missed it, I was featured Monday night in a Fox 32 news report presented by Fox News investigative reporter Sylvia Perez.


Regular readers of my Blog are aware of the opinions I have frequently expressed regarding the charlatans and camp followers that have taken advantage of the regenerative medicine marketplace promising to cure arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Alopecia, ALS, Autism, and every malady known to mankind finally ending at the letter Z. They don’t exclude spinal cord injury, residuals of stroke nor ED while they are at it. The message regarding what stem cells can do is found in newspaper ads, television commercials and radio spots, the latter in the Chicago listening area by a well-known sports announcer. Either attend a seminar or make an appointment for treatment; they will cure your disease, eliminate pain and do away with your suffering. “Call now to schedule an appointment”.

For a free lunch and without an evaluation or examination, you can undergo an amniotic fluid intervention that is “regenerative” as it is claimed, at a cost in the neighborhood of $5,000. I have been involved in amniotic fluid clinical trials for four years underwritten by the largest provider of amniotic fluid in the nation; and our first statement to participants in these clinical trials, without charge for the injectate, is that there are no living stem cells in the amniotic fluid once processed, sterilized, frozen and fast thawed for usage. Hold on, there is more. On September 16, 2017 the FDA published mandatory guidelines: any and all regenerative agents must be autologous and homologous. In plain speak the injectate must come from the same patient and be used as nature intended. Stem cells from donor sources are not compliant.

Featured in the Fox News special report are two patients. One had undergone a complete medical history, physical examination and skeletomuscular evaluation prior to his Cellular Orthopedic intervention enjoying a marvelous outcome; the other, an amniotic fluid injection into his knee without any prior evaluation or preparation and an awful end result. You may watch the actual report by clicking on that underscored above.

One of the standard of practice methodologies in which we take great pride and which I believe separates us from the madding crowd of regenerative medicine camp followers and charlatans; is our evidence based cellular orthopedic approach.  In preparation for a scientific podium presentation in two weeks, we are collating our outcomes data at one year for patients who underwent a combined intraarticular (into the knee) and intraosseous (into the subchondral bone) autologous bone marrow and growth factor intervention for osteoarthritis grades two and three. At six weeks, we recorded a 22% improvement in pain relief; 42% at six months, and 89% at 12 months. In future blogs, I will breakdown the outcomes data further and expand on our documented outcomes based on our several cellular orthopedic options.

To learn more, you may review my web site and watch my webinar at www.ILcellulartherapy.com

You may schedule a consultation by calling (312) 475-1893

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My Algorithm If Stem Cell Intervention Doesn’t Last or Doesn’t Work

I am being forthright; based on my review of data, while 80% or more of my patients continue to enjoy
satisfactory outcomes at four years or more following a stem cell intervention, there are those whose
symptoms and functional limitations recur. Please be aware that when I undertake the care and
treatment of a patient with a symptomatic and function limiting joint, it is with the notion of
regeneration and long-term benefit. It doesn’t always happen; there are may possible explanations.
Most important though is the need to identify possible causes of potential failure at the beginning, and
that is why we have recommendations before and after a procedure as to how to manage alcohol, diet,
supplements and a rehabilitation protocol. We also review your past medical history to identify any
possible indication that your stem cells have been adversely affected by co-morbidity or prior

Assume if you will that you adhered to the initial pre-and post-intervention protocol but now returned
to my office months or years later with recurring symptoms. First and foremost is an updated medical
history and physical examination. That is followed by repeat images including X-rays and an MRI.
Mechanical progression of joint injury may result from aggravation of the preexisting damage by
subsequent trauma. Then there is the reality of identifying new processes within or adjacent to the joint.
This morning, I returned the phone call of a southwest Wisconsin dairy farmer; not the same patient I
wrote about last week. He has been a patient for over four years with a full restoration of work related
activities and recreational pursuits following several regenerative interventional options. After three
hours of basketball, three weeks ago, his knee pain returned. I called him back while he was milking his
cows and it was the first time I have been “mooed” at over a cell phone. I requested that the patient
update his X-rays, MRIs and then allow me to reevaluate him. A repeat stem cell intervention with a
more advanced technology, a subchondroplasty in addition to the stem cell intervention of his joint?
The recommendations will be based on an updated evaluation. In my practice of cellular orthopedics, it
isn’t one and done. Additionally, some of the more advanced techniques are being covered in part by
health care insurance

If you want to learn more, call for an appointment (312)475 1893
You may access my web site at www.Ilcellulartherapy.com and watch my webinar

After I completed writing this Blog, I opened the Bone and Joint Newsletter.
Lead article: Study Suggests Knee Replacement Be Reserved for Those More Severely Affected by Osteoarthritis. A recent analysis found that the current practice of TKR as performed in the USA had minimal effects on quality of life and quality adjusted life years

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 Stem cell intervention outcome in a husband and wife

“____ and I are doing well. Mitch administered stem cell therapy on my non-operative hip and things feel great. First time I’ve been pain free in 10 years. Can’t wait for ski season” “Mine are doing great”. This second quote from the mutual friend who is patient getting ready for the ski season who recently underwent a concentrated platelet rich plasma “tune up” in anticipation.

The above quotes are from a husband and wife who underwent stem cell intervention and the second is taken from an e-mail forwarded from the mutual friend who had initially referred the couple to me. Three years ago, the wife had been referred for the limitations in her knee produced by post traumatic arthritic progression. She and her husband were avid ski enthusiasts but the patient could not plan for an upcoming helicopter skiing that winter in western Canada, owing to limitations imposed by arthritis. In the fall of the year, I completed a Bone Marrow Concentrate intervention into her right knee and she returned to Heliskiing. Earlier this summer, the husband elected to undergo a right hip intervention so he might continue at the highest level of recreational skiing. According to his report, there is patient satisfaction from both sides.

Yet, I still strive to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction with the duration of effect. In order to improve results, benefit, and extend the success, I introduced the intraosseous alternative into my treatment protocol when deemed indicated. If the preoperative imaging is compatible with the potential to improve the end result by a subchondroplasty, as I did for a patient this past Wednesday, not only will Bone Marrow Concentrate be injected into the joint, a biologic implant will be injected into the bone adjacent to the joint. The additional procedure adds nothing to the cost of care nor does it require any alteration in the postoperative rehabilitation process. I have requested precertification to determine if indemnification will cover the intraosseous injection of the biologic implant.

On a scientific basis is the fact that it is the subchondral bone that supports the cartilage lining the joint surface. If there is an insufficiency or fragility of subchondral bone, the cartilage will eventually fail. It has been suggested that the pain of arthritis may be the result of alterations in the subchondral bone in addition to inflammation within the joint. Please remember that there are no nerves in cartilage.  

To determine if you are a candidate for postponing or avoiding a Joint replacement for the pain and limited function attributable to arthritis and what treatment alternative will result in the most satisfactory and longest lasting end result, call for a consultation

Call (312)475 -893 or visit my web site and watch the webinar:  www.ilcellulartherapy.com

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Your Stem Cell Health

I have always wanted to incorporate a holistic component into my practice, but, hesitated because of a commitment to patients that I would limit my professional pursuits to allopathic medicine; that is evidence based cellular orthopedics. Given the increasing body of information that healthy pursuits, a fitness focused life style, and yes, supplements, may indeed impact an individual’s activity status, well-being and even longevity; I have decided to network with Nutrition Connection Balance, an individualized nutrition, supplementation and counseling practice that has the potential to optimize your stem cell health, quality and yield.

Now for my confession, I have been using nutritional supplements and pursuing a fitness based lifestyle since entering orthopedic practice some -?–?– years ago. While my genetics stacked the deck against me, the environment in which I have immersed myself has rewarded me with well-being and good health while allowing me to still partake in those recreational undertakings I enjoy at a fairly competitive level. On top of the latter, my professional pursuits keep me at the forefront of the evolving specialty of regenerative medicine. Following my presentations earlier this month to 1500 surgeons attending the Russian Orthopedic Association annual meeting in St Petersburg, Russia, I was contacted by a ballerina, a member of the Bolshoi Ballet based in Moscow. She has a knee condition keeping her from dancing and has been told the only remedy would be a stem cell intervention. Today, I received her images and will reach out later today to The Chicago based to Russian Radio 1240am to help interpret the instructions for the download of the Zip File.

Meanwhile, I digress so let’s return to Medical Nutrition Therapy. The understanding I developed with Nutrition Connection Balance is that the consult may be initiated via phone or in-office. BY calling (847) 985 1200, you will be introduced to the practices of Valerie Early RD, LDN, RPHT and Lauren Chavez RD, LDN. While the standard of web site practice seems to offer nutraceuticals for sale by physicians, chiropractors and other camp followers holding themselves out to be regenerative medicine practitioners and capable of delivering stem cells form frozen and processed amniotic fluid, I have nothing to gain financially from my endorsement other than a healthier candidate with a better chance of a successful outcome following a stem cell intervention.

If you are limited in lifestyle by arthritic or injury generated painful joints or limited function, call for a consultation 312 475 1893 or view my webinar at www.ilcelulartherapy.com. If you want to learn more  about Nutrition and Supplements, call  Nutrition Connection Balance 847 985 1200

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