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You no longer will even need a physician, and I have been wasting my Blog space crusading about quality assurance; making certain your Regenerative Medicine specialist is Board Certified and willing to provide outcomes data.  According to a recent email I received, all one needs is “Online Training” to practice Regenerative Medicine:If you believe this is FDA compliant, no longer does stem cell treatment need to be done by a highly trained, highly experienced specialist; you won’t even have to use a physician.“Everything gets commoditized, including training to do stuff” (personal communication).

I believe the most effective approach is to direct a patient with joint pain to my credentials—37.5 years of joint replacement experience, Board-certified, Emeritus Professor, four and a half years of Cellular Orthopedic experience, the largest most comprehensive outcomes data base on which to base my recommendations for care, while introducing an analytical program based on a FDA-audited analytical laboratory for assessing the quality of regenerative preparations. As for the latter point, I am now working with a team using a FDA consultant to create approved text that I will post on my website, highlighting the standards I have adopted for all phases of therapy.

I hate to conclude that the current practice of interventional orthopedics and regenerative medicine ultimately comes down to how flashy the website may be or a free lunch from the camp followers.

To watch my Webinar, access www.ilCellulartherapy.com

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The Triumph of Falsehood

The Triumph of Falsehood

I started the day by reading the Steve Chapman article appearing in the Perspective Section of the Chicago Tribune, Thursday December 8. The title of my Blog this week is influenced by the header of his article and I admit I am paraphrasing some of that content. While his intent was not necessarily directed at the discipline of Regenerative Medicine, his statement” since the advent of the internet, truth doesn’t have a chance” really resonates with me. He goes on to state that in many of these internet claims, the idea of objective reality is obliterated. “The chief product is fiction masquerading as fact.”

Unfortunately, while Chapman was rendering his opinion in the political arena, what he opines is just as applicable in the world of Regenerative; but there are exceptions. As many readers of this Blog are aware, I have an existing web site www.sheinkopmd.com. I have tried to continually emphasize and repeat the Regenexx message; namely, that which we do is based on data, the integration of a clinical practice with a clinical research initiative. Yesterday, we forwarded our two-year outcomes data to Regenexx for statistical analysis. That data has been compiled in a clinical knee trial over the past four years wherein the Regenexx SD procedure was used in 50 patients with grades two and three osteoarthritis of the knee who met the inclusion criteria. Once statistically analyzed, I will submit that data for scientific publication, scientific presentation and it will be published on the Regenexx and my web sites.

To emphasize why it is so important for a patient experiencing arthritic related limitations be fully educated, let me share with you a relevant research letter recently published:

Survey: Many treatments prescribed despite little evidence of high value to patients.

Information from a research letter published in the Dec. 6 issue of the journal Annals of Surgery wherein researchers randomly surveyed 5,000 members of the American College of Physicians found that many prescribe costly treatments despite a lack of evidence supporting their use.

In surveying the internet this morning to see how badly fiction is masquerading as fact, I didn’t have to surf too far. The number of camp follower, non-specialist stem cell related web sites are of great concern. I hope the FDA shares my opinion. You can find treatment for arthritis, cancer, aesthetics, hair loss, sexual enhancement, and neurologic diseases all with one stop shopping. The web sites offer adipose derived stem cells and amniotic fluid containing stem cells. Missing from the offerings are outcomes data, scientific support and FDA compliance. Regenexx does it and so do I; namely, practice cellular orthopedics on a scientific basis under IRB oversite (a function of the FDA) with all intervention recommendations supported by scientific evidence.

To learn more, schedule an appointment 312 475 1893.  You may view my webinar at ilcellulartherapy.com

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Exercise Prescription and Cellular Orthopedic Intervention

Exercise Prescription and Cellular Orthopedic Intervention

Aging is known to contribute to a multitude of systemic changes including those of the musculoskeletal system leading to decreased health, mobility and function. Most changes in well-being are exacerbated by inactivity. It has been scientifically documented that physical activity and exercise may slow or even reverse these deleterious effects thereby improving health, mobility and function.

In particular, ligaments, tendons and joint capsules become stiffer with age as elastic fibers decrease and cross-links between collagen fibers increase. As connective tissue surrounding the joint changes, so too does the synovial fluid within the joint making movement more difficult. Not only do changes occur within the joint, they also occur in the muscles. The loss of muscle mass and strength also known as sarcopenia, increases with age. Then there is the fatty infiltration of muscle that comes with aging and lack of use.

Recognizing the value of Bone Marrow Concentrate derived Stem Cells, Cytokines and Growth Factors in dealing with his arthritic hip when the alternative was a joint replacement, seven months ago, a 58-year-old man underwent a cellular orthopedic intervention. Over the past many months, the patient committed himself to a minimum of 30 minutes a day, five days a week at moderate intensity aerobic exercise alternating with three days a week at vigorous intensity. In addition, he partook in resistance exercise a minimum of two days a week at a moderate high intensity focusing on 10 exercises at each session targeting most major muscle groups, with 10 to 15 repetitions for each exercise performed thus adding an additional 20 to 30 minutes to the commitment. Then there are the benefits of his additional flexibility and stretching. When this individual came to me at his first visit, his stated goals were to return to a high level of recreational enjoyment with a particular interest in ball room dancing.  As of last week, he had reached those goals but he has no intention of failing to comply with his exercise prescription.

The obvious message of my Blog is to let you know I am unable to reach a desired goal without your commitment. I may introduce Stem Cells, Cytokines and Growth Factors into an arthritic joint but to reach your desired goal or delay or perhaps avoid a joint replacement, those many changes that occur with aging can be slowed and even reversed by a combination of cellular orthopedics and exercise.

If you want to learn about the evidence, schedule an appointment    312 475 1893

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What does Bone Marrow Concentrate really do?

What does Bone Marrow Concentrate really do?

I challenge the reader with this question because it becomes apparent, even the majority of the medical community can’t provide an accurate answer.  There are all kinds of claims and statements running rampant; so today, I will try to make some order out of chaos.  Let me begin with the patient who repeats what they have been told by their orthopedic surgeon, stem cells don’t work.  My response, “for what?” Oh yes they do if you understand where, when, how and why?

Bone marrow has several categories of molecules, cells and vesicles; anti-inflammatory cytokines, adult mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors. The cytokines are a group of molecules that address the inflammation associated with osteoarthritis and thereby relieve pain.  The stem cells orchestrate regeneration of cartilage and the joint; while growth factors actually alter the bio-immune process of osteoarthritis.  Working together, bone marrow content, when concentrated, has the ability to relieve pain, improve motion, restore function, slow or halt the progression of arthritis and possibly regenerate the joint.

When the patient last Friday repeated that her orthopedic surgeon had told her stem cells don’t work, my response was he is right, there is no chance of regenerating cartilage in a 78 year old woman.  Yet the procedure would still be worthwhile as a long term pain reliever and the potential to improve function and postpone, or even avoid, a joint replacement.  While regeneration of cartilage is realistic under age 50, pain relief, improved function and better motion is probable at any age for those who chose to undergo a Bone Marrow Concentrate procedure for grades 2 and 3 osteoarthritis.

Three weeks ago, I completed a procedure on a 93 year old man who hadn’t been able to get out of his wheelchair since April.  Last week, his wife reported he was walking down the block with the aid of the walker.  Three years ago, I completed a bone marrow concentrate stem cell procedure on a 39 year old marathon runner who had stopped competing six months earlier because of knee pain from early onset degenerative arthritis.  As of last month, he had competed in 17 marathons since his intervention.

So, if you want to run, walk, bike, ski, and live pain free, call for a consultation.


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All Stem Cell Procedures are not the same

All Stem Cell Procedures are not the same

Last week, a patient called and cancelled her scheduled Bone Marrow Concentrate Regenexx SD Stem cell procedure declaring that she had found a less expensive provider for stem cells. I wished her well and devoted some time to trying to better understand the price range posted on the internet for the Regenexx SD procedure. While I couldn’t really get a grasp on the geographic differences in costs, I did realize the chaos and confusion potential of trying to compare apples and oranges. The Regenexx SD Stem cell procedure is the gold standard in the emerging world of Cellular Orthopedics (Regenerative Medicine). There is a seven year outcomes data base supporting the safety and efficacy of the Regenexx methodology. We have been monitoring the successful outcomes of our procedures for a longer time and with the most detailed, reproducible criteria in the field. If you look at non Regenexx websites, you frequently find our outcomes data reproduced (many times without permission).

The Regenexx mission statement is to get the patient back to things he or she loves faster and without surgery. The actual preparation for the procedure, the harvesting and processing of the bone marrow and the follow up management is proprietary in nature; that’s why price shopping doesn’t work. If it isn’t a Regenexx SD procedure, it is a generic knockoff and you will really minimize the chance of success. There are several Regenerative Medicine practices outside of Regenexx in the Midwest; yesterday, a patient called to schedule a Regenexx SD procedure after having gone elsewhere for less cost and experienced the anticipated unsatisfactory outcome.

This is not cookie cutter technology. The harvesting of the bone marrow cannot be from a single site or you risk a marked diminution in the number of adult mesenchymal stem cells harvested. The amount of bone marrow harvested must meet the quantitative requirements for maximum benefit. The simple recovery of 10 ccs of bone marrow is doomed to fail yet the latter is frequent in some settings so as to minimize charges. Then there is the proprietary system of concentrating and processing only available through Regenexx. Last of all, the counting of cells is not a futile exercise as suggested by the “knock off” clinics. We are able to sense success in numbers.

To determine if you are a candidate for stem cell management of your arthritis, you need to make an appointment. A telephone interview doesn’t do it nor does my looking at your images. The determinant is based on my intake and my experience. There are patients whose needs are better served by a joint replacement. If you do meet the inclusion criteria for management for your arthritis with stem cells, there is no better alternative than the Regenexx SD intervention

312 475 1893 to schedule an appointment.

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